Choosing the Right Pet Insurance: Things to Consider

Our loved pets such as dogs and cats are more prone to injury or illness especially if they play outside your home. Many pet owners are worried they wouldn’t be able to afford expensive veterinary bills for their pets. Getting a Pet Health Insurance is a good option to help you in taking good care of your pet’s health without spending too much money. But before you finally decide, here are some few tips and advice to guide you in choosing the right pet insurance that suits your budget. Consider these following suggestions:

1. Compare the monthly premium that you are going to pay with the money that will be paid when using the insurance plan.

In this case, if you are looking for a pet health insurance that will cover your pet dog or cat with very large claims or a plan that will take care of only a small portion of the bills, the premium will be lower. Accordingly, if the plan will cover a huge chunk of the bill when your pet gets sick or gets into an accident, then the premium will of course be higher.

2. Try to know if the pet already has an illness.

When the pet already has an illness, this won’t anymore be covered by a traditional pet insurance plan. This such case is called “pre-existing condition exclusion”. The pet owner will have to avail the discount plan recommendation to be excused from this clause.

3. It is important to know your pet’s breed as there are certain breeds of cats and dogs that have more health problems than other breeds. This factor is considered by an insurance company to calculate the amount of premium you require to pay.

4. Deals may be availed.

If the pet owner belongs to the vet industry, or the pet has a microchip embedded underneath the skin, or if there is more than one dog enrolled, there can be a discount.

5. Try to know if the plan requires vets that belong to a network. But mostly, it is the discount plan that has this requirement.

6. The age of your pet also matters in insurance. If the dog or cat has reached a certain age limit, then they may not qualify to be insured anymore.

7. Excluded conditions will have to be paid 100% by the pet owner.

It’s always good to consider these suggestions when evaluating pet insurance plan options for you to ensure that you get the right plan suits to your pet’s needs and your budget.