How Your Dog Pet Affects the Rates You Pay For Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance companies will check your dog breed and size when calculating the rates they give you. They do this because different breeds behave differently. Some are more destructively dangerous than others; this makes them a source of concern to insurance providers.

Here are some of the breeds that give a red alert among insurance providers:

Chow Chow
Pit bull
Doberman Pincher
German Shepard
Presa Canario
Staffordshire bull terrier
Siberian Husky
Wolf hybrid (normally called Wolfdog)

Many homeowners with dog breeds like Dobermans, wolfdogs, Akitas and hyenas staunchly are known to defend their dogs by saying that dog-related insurance rates should be calculated by dog deeds and not dog breeds. On the other hand, insurance companies work with statistics from profiling different dog breeds which they say will give every dog owner reduced rates.

The dog owners and the insurance providers are yet to accept each side’s argument, so the ‘deeds and breads’ controversy still continues unabated.

You may ask: will my nine pound Pomeranian breed increase my home insurance rates? In this case, the answer is No! But note that you may get an increase in homeowner’s insurance rates if you own an eighty five pound Pit bull.

It is important that you understand what your insurance company thinks about your dog breed. Pets generally are sources of concern for insurance providers knowing that different states have different restrictions and rules with pet types and breeds.

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